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Written by Nancie Ferron / Articles / August 20th, 2018

Why is there no wedding at Maison Lavande?

After this question, it is certainly the one we receive most often throughout the year ... and it touches us greatly! It's true: we work very hard to create a small visual paradise and a soft and unifying atmosphere. But to see you succeed to the point of imagining yourself here on your biggest day is incredible. For us, it's more than precious. It's flattering and inspiring.

To date, only the wedding of Flo (our eldest daughter) has been done in our yard, in the middle of the flowered fields. As part of the family, the couple was treated to a beautiful exception. And since the photos have been shared on the web, the question comes up every day.

We often think about it (all the time), but it's far from simple.

First, there are the laws, the regulations and the permits that govern farms such as ours. It should be noted that we are first and foremost agricultural producers who, in addition to cultivating, operate an agritourism site, transform and market their primary resource, lavender. We are not recognized as a reception hall. The law clearly defines what we are and what we have the right to do on a farm ... Maybe one day, the law will relax!

Then, the fact that we are an agritourism site implies that in high season, we receive thousands of visitors, people who come to rest and enjoy the show, families who spend the time of a picnic. It is hard to imagine that the site should be evacuated to celebrate a private event. For now, we can not do both, in the same space. Even our beautiful barn is reserved for our visitors.

Finally, the fact that we share our court with everyone can pose some challenges. Yes, Maison Lavande is also our home, the place where we live. We know that marriages and their organization require a lot of time and supervision. There should be a whole management system in place to accommodate these people in our backyard.

For the moment, it's still impossible. But if you knew how this project is going on in our heads. The marriage of Flo is anchored in our memory by its beauty and elegance. Certainly, we would like you to live this experience. We continue to think about it and think about tons of ideas ... we work on this type of project.

While waiting to find the idea of ​​the century, we happen to sign guest gifts, floral arrangements and be the little paradise for your engagement sessions! We received several couples for their important pre-wedding photo shoot at La Maison Lavande and it gives us the greatest pleasure! For more information about our services, write to us at info@maisonlavande.ca

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