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La Maison Lavande was born from a lovers' journey and a simple idea. When Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette travelled the charming roads of Provence, they fell in love with lavender, which is discreet in September. "Why not grow this flower in Quebec? A sentence, a few seconds. That's all it took.

Les essentiels de la Maison pour combattre la sécheresse hivernale! || Our essentials to fight the winter dryness!


Our essentials to fight the winter dryness!

It is important to adapt your skin care routine according to the season. As we all know, winter is a particularly difficult time for the skin! It undergoes a thermal...

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Impressive properties

Benefit of lavender


The calming effect of lavender is its best known virtue! It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and find sleep more quickly.

Countering the ills

Lavender essential oil relieves headaches, migraines, cuts, burns & stings. It also helps to fight against colds & infections.


In addition to helping to reduce anxiety and stress, lavender brings comfort and reassurance. It helps you to create little moments of sweetness.