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Every families has their story,welcome in ours.

La Maison Lavande was born of the union between Nancie and Daniel and the love they share for lavender and entrepreneurship. In search of a new planting project to replace their apple orchard, the idea of cultivating lavender fields came to them while travelling the roads of Provence, in Southern France, in 2006.

Today, the family business offers more than 100 personal care, home and ambiance fragrance products, in addition to dozens of gourmet products in five shops, including our online boutique. Always ready to share the many virtues and benefits of lavender, the Ferron-Joannette family welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year to its beautiful setting in the countryside, which has become a permanent fixture in the Lower Laurentian landscape.

A unique blend of culture and perfumery

At La Maison Lavande, everything starts in the fields with healthy seedlings that like the sun, but not the rain and especially not insecticides. We are very conscientious about how we grow our lavender with the specific goal to conserve our exceptional region and offer quality products. The Maison Lavande experience continues in our perfumery, where six different blends were developed to give rise to numerous collections. Lavender is the backbone of the perfumery’s products, boasting exceptional properties and herbaceous bouquets.

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