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Wool Dryer Ball


These 100%-wool dryer balls are entirely natural and handmade in Canada. Placed in the dryer, the wool balls are known to reduce drying time, and to ecologically eliminate wrinkles and static electricity in clothing. They can easily replace sheet fabric softeners. You can also make your clothes smell good by adding 1 to 3 drops of lavender essential oil to each wool ball. Essential oil can be added weekly and the wool dryer balls are effective for a minimum of 500 loads. For optimal efficiency, we recommend the use of at least 3 balls per load. With the addition of 3 balls in your basket, you will automatically benefit from the promotion to 3 for $20. *Random colors


  • Wool dryer balls reduce drying time
  • Eliminate wrinkles and static electricity and
  • With the added lavender essential oil
  • They delicately perfume all your clothes.


Main ingredients

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Secondary ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Bianca Myre da Costa

February 26th, 2019

Comment ne pas l'aimer?

Quand j'ai découvert les boules de séchage, je n'ai pas pu résister! J'ai immédiatement pris le trio pour les essayer et je ne regrette rien! En plus d'être écologique et de longue duré (environ 500 brassés même plus à mon avis), nous pouvons y mettre l'odeur de notre choix à chaque brassé avec nos huiles préférées! Nos vêtements sentent siiii bon. Ils sont simplement incroyable!

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