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Sachet dried Lavender Flowers - 15g

5.95$ / 15 g

Same as when your grandmother stashed some in her pantry! These bags have been a favourite for quite a long time, and with reason! They are great to have in your drawers, your closets or even your storage boxes to add some fragrance, but also to keep mites and mice at bay. We often forget to bring them with us, but they are also fantastic to carry in your luggage (to fight undesirable insects when travelling), as well as in your handbag and car. Side bonus: The fragrance it carries will last for years! The dried flowers aren't distilled therefore they are still gorged with essential oil. When you don't feel like the scent is strong enough anymore, shake it up and bam! That peaceful fragrance is back!


  • Convenient size (perfect to store & carry around)
  • Keeps the mites & mice at bay
  • Promotes sleep and rest
  • Lasts for years and adds fragrance.


Main ingredients

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Secondary ingredients

  • Fleurs de lavande séchées

Customer Reviews

1 Comment

claire dionne

November 20th, 2018


J'ai le nez dans mon sachet: hmmmm, délicieux! Il m'en faut pour chaque tiroir de ma maison!

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