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Aromatherapy bracelet | Creatival - Nancie


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The experience of creating bracelets was so fun that we recreated the experience, this time with Creatival. With pleasure, we went to her studio to make the soft-colored jewels we had in mind. It is the volcanic stone that allows us to apply lavender essential oil on them and so, lugging its relaxing and anti-stress virtues everywhere with us! Hoping that you like these little new ones too! - the bracelets are of universal size, created on a solid elastic rope.


  • Once the essential oil deposited on the volcanic stones
  • It allows to relax
  • To reduce stress and anxiety
  • And promote sleep


Main ingredients

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Secondary ingredients

Customer Reviews

1 Comment

claire dionne

May 25th, 2020

Très féminin, joli et utile

Ce bracelet est tellement joli et féminin: j'en avais commandé 2 et j'en recommande deux autres, tous pour moi! Les pierres de volcan retiennent très bien l'huile essentielle; voilà pourquoi j'en veux pour mes deux poignets.

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