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Edible dried lavender flowers. The perfect floral touch to your sweet ...or salty recipes! We've got many ideas for you: SWEET: Cake, icing, cookies, hot chocolate, jams, spreads, caramel...everything lavender! SALTY: Confit, Salad dressing, a dab of exotic aromas for your marinade! Lavender is cook with the flower as is, therefore either you add it directly into your mix, or you infuse it. Simply infuse one of the liquids that are already in your recipe with lavender, let it cool completely then add it to your recipe as you would typically do. For example, if the recipe calls for a cup of milk, infuse it with lavender to add a twist! Our little tip: we usually use lavender sparingly, to make sure it doesn't overtake the whole recipe you're doing! Even if sometimes, that's precisely what we'd like!


  • Adds a unique dash of floral aroma to your recipes.


Main ingredients

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Secondary ingredients

  • Fleurs de lavande

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