Détergent à lessive||Laundry detergent - Pure Lavender

Laundry detergent - Pure Lavender

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We are very proud of our laundry detergent formula, it's entirely green, eco-friendly & biodegradable.

  • It's phosphate-free, hypo-allergenic and is extra gentle on baby clothes or even lingerie. What's more, it leaves a light summer scent on everything it touches.
  • Compatible with HE washers.
  • Size: 2L
in Quebec

Free of parabens,
silicones and mineral oil

Always at least
95% natural

Not tested
on animals

(Very) family-owned


Green; biodegradable; phosphate-free; deep cleans; suits every type of laundry; made for HE and standard machines; adds a light fragrance.


eau, surfactant anionique, surfactant non-ionique, bicarbonate de sodium, cocoate de potassium, agent anti-redéposition, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, fragrance, séquestrant, agent de conservation
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