Confiture prunes & lavande ||Plums & lavender jelly
Confiture prunes & lavande ||Plums & lavender jelly

Plums & lavender jelly

$7.00 Prix régulier

If you do not have a promotion in your cart, just like at our boutique in Saint-Eustache, we offer you 3 small gourmet jars for $ 20 and 3 large gourmet jars for $ 30. Enjoy! 

This floral jam is reminiscent of Grandma's fruit pies. Comforting & refined. OH! And you need to try it in your grilled cheese's recipes.

in Quebec

Free of parabens,
silicones and mineral oil

Always at least
95% natural

Not tested
on animals

(Very) family-owned


Prunes, sucre, lavande, jus de citron, beaucoup, beaucoup d’amour. C’est tout.
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