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Written by Marjolaine et Nancie Ferron / Articles / June 27th, 2018

Why enjoy the high season at Maison Lavande?

Since we opened our backyard to the public, we call the high season this period where all our activities are set up for you. This period runs from Saturday, June 16th, until Sunday, August 5th. Obviously, it's the time of flowering at the same time! Internally, we always called "the high season" this big time of our year. We have never thought of baptizing it otherwise, even if, by dint of writing it, we find that it is more or less pretty. What do you think?

In short, here is everything you need to know about the most beautiful time of the year with us!

1. It's the best time to see the flowering fields!

Flowering always begins around the end of June until the beginning of August. It is therefore natural that we organize all our activities during this time! We are currently experiencing the peak of flowering for the next few weeks.
Everyday from: 10h to 17h
& Thursdays and Fridays of July: 10h to 21h.

2. To organize your own picnic

People are often surprised to hear that you are offered the opportunity to bring your own lunch, as we offer a delicious menu at our bistro. Our bistro has been thought of as a "little extras" to our visitors. Those who do not want to break their heads with a picnic can enjoy our sandwiches, salads, healthy bowls, biscuits & beverages (always with a hint of lavender)! Others prefer to bring their own menu and complement with our lavender frozen yogurt, for example! There are picnic areas for everyone! In any case, you do not have to spend at La Maison's bistro ... but we challenge you to resist our new lavender iced coffee!

3. To receive a massage in the trees among the blossoming lavender fields on Fridays and Saturdays in July.

You read correctly. With our 16-foot tree platform, you can enjoy a 60-minute massage session between two lavender fields. Three cabins have been designed, one of which is converted into a double cabin for duet massages. You rest on the same floor as the birds, it's yes!
Friday from 10h to 21h and Saturday from 10h to 17h. To reserve your place, call the perfume shop (450-473-3009 ext. 0).

4. To live a 5-7 in a lavender field, every Thursday and Friday of July.

Whether for a 5 to 7 with friends, for your massage session or to enjoy the music show included in the admission price on Thursday evening, we chose to close the site at 9pm every Thursday and Friday evening in July. The photographers are delighted to capture a different light and families are happy to come and relax after work!
Thursday and Friday of July from 10h to 21h.

5. To tase our frozen lavender yogurt every day.

We open the bistro for the whole season, so from June 16th to August 5th. This is the return of our famous frozen yogurt with lavender. And lemonade. And surprise novelty. And healthy bowls. And the decadent sandwiches. And our whole bistro. The bistro is open to visitors to the lavender fields.

6. To enjoy a music show in the middle of the blooming fields on Thursday evenings and Sunday midday of July.

This is the return of music shows in the fields, INCLUDED in your entrance fees. It is truly a gift from La Maison and we are pleased to offer it to you. It is especially Daniel who has always dreamed of receiving concerts at the Family House (this is not a joke) who wants us to return with this formula every year and for the great pleasure of our ears, we will not say no. The atmosphere of a musical performance in the middle of the lavender fields is simply incredible.
Every Thursday evening of July, from 18h to 20h: Chorus Trio
Every Sunday afternoon of July, from noon to 3 pm: Varied programming.

7. To learn a little more about our history and lavender culture, every day.

Every day during the high season, a beautiful team of animators welcomes you to La Maison to tell you more about our company. These guided tours are actually a meeting of relevant information about our family, the beginnings of the business, the lavender culture, its benefits and a sharing of maintenance tips for your small plants at home. People appreciate so much the visit that takes place several times a day for 45 minutes each time. You don’t even need to book! You participate in it or not, without a problem.
Every day: 11h, 13h, 14h and 15h30.

8. For a nice family activity: parents-children & doggies

For us, it's so important that families feel welcome. As a big family ourselves, it would be foolish to limit access to adults. We love too much toddlers! It is also for this reason that we decided to triple our family area this year. We are adding more swings, more slides and more games for this area with the most beautiful view of our lavender fields. It's a real pleasure to see parents picnicking next to their children having fun.
Oh, and the doggies too! They are welcome on a leash (with a "poopoo" bag). It is believed that there are not enough sites yet that allow access to animals. And we, we rely on your great respect to continue this tradition.

9. To organize family and friends meetings on the big boho table or in the barn.

There are two ways to organize a group visit with us! Either opt for the beautiful concept of the boho table (this large coffee table installed directly in the blooming lavender fields) or for the ease of a regular group at home to enjoy our charming barn.
In fact, in both cases, you know benefits: no queue at the box office, a member of our team near you to ensure a dream moment at La Maison, a preferential rate, the option to book lunch boxes and many more! We still have some dates available, for more details, write to us!
Boho picnic: marjolaineferron@maisonlavande.ca
Regular group (more than 20 people): melaniehudon@maisonlavande.ca

10. To live a unique moment of tranquility.

We can not say it enough, but even if we talk about our biggest time of the year and we receive thousands of visitors a day, we do not feel it at all. Our site is so vast that there is always a way to leave a gathering to isolate on a blanket and finally finish the book we started last month! Also enjoy our relaxing area under the trees, relax on a hanging lounge chair or in a bag / ottoman, listen to the song of birds and admire the lavender flowers in peace. And if you want to stretch, walk! Our lavender fields extend over a kilometer, do not hesitate to take our wooded path to discover our site in another way.

11. To enjoy a breathtaking view.

Enjoy our terrace on the 2nd floor of the barn for an exceptional view of our lavender fields. Take pictures that will make people jealous around you.

12. To visit our shops.

Let yourself be charmed by our perfumery products and gourmet products. Make surprising discoveries like this novelty, popcorn salt, vinegar and lavender. Come and feel the products of the new collection Peony and Lavender in perfumery. Let our counselors tell you about their best cooking stuff or our natural products to help sleep better! We have so many things to tell you!

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