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Written by Nancie Ferron / Articles / September 25th, 2018

What we bring in our handbag, all the time

We all have our favorite little products, those without whom we would not leave the House.
Here are my essentials that may inspire you!

Lip balm
As colder weather approaches, it's important to hydrate your lips. As we are not immune to cracking lips or burning, this all natural lip balm saves us from winter discomfort! It is made from beeswax, olive oil, lavender essential oil, shea butter and cocoa extract ... It smells like paradise!
There is also plumping care for the lips that has been filled with oligopeptides to make it intensely nourishing. It's really a care (which I really like to apply before sleeping, a little like a hydrating mask), but that I also drag in my bag for the days of high winds!

Antibacterial gel
I have it everywhere! In the car, in my purse, on my desk. Because it is softer than the antibacterial gels that are often found on the market, it can be applied in repetition without worrying about drying our hands. In fact, the minimum alcohol required by Health Canada has been put into the formulation. In other words, to be called "antibacterial gel", a minimum percentage of alcohol is required. And that was more than enough for us because lavender is already a natural antibacterial! In addition to aloe leaf juice, ours is even moisturizing.

Hand cream
The small size of hand cream is great for lugging. Its formulation is rich, but penetrates quickly into the epidermis. Shea butter, lavender essential oil, vitamin E ... everything is there to avoid skins that crack! And as the hand cream of this format is available in several collections, I change according to my desires and seasons!

Ready to wear
The little tube that becomes the best friend of anyone! It is simply lavender essential oil in a neutral oil (so that it sticks well on the skin) in a convenient ball format. To relieve small pre-meeting stress, anxiety, migraines and because lice or mosquitoes do not particularly like the smell. You speak of an all-in-one!

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