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Written by Marjolaine Ferron / Articles / March 26th, 2018

The product that relieves muscular and ariticular pain

You know, these neck pain created by tensions so intense that they go up to the head? We know well. And it is one of the reasons we created the freshness gel. To be honest, it was called "freshness gel – for heavy legs", once. It is true that it was first created to replace antiphlogistine and relieve tired legs before bedtime.

As it activates the circulation of blood (thanks to this interesting active ingredient that is the extract of small holly), it relieves impatience and the effect of heavy legs. These other plant-based ingredients make us as proud as it is effective for this kind of pain. I'm thinking of witch hazel that provides an instant freshness effect, fig extract that softens the skin, the goldenrod that helps treat varicose veins and relieves muscle pain ...

We like it to relieve:
- exhausted stockings,
- tired heels after a big party,
- the shoulders too often working on computers,
- tired necks that supports heads full of projects,
- the bodies exhausted to repeat the same movements,
- weakened fingers,
- broken necks and shoulder blades
- and so many other pains

The athletes, the hairdressers, the people who work on the computer, the tired people, the gym lovers and so many others have adopted it. Here, it’s also the girls who spend their summer standing that are charmed ...

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