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Written by Marjolaine Ferron / Articles / August 24th, 2018

The essentials for back to school ... young and old!

It is already time that we talk about back to school, back to work and essential purchases to start the year in force. We often think of what we will need during our working days, but we forget the ones we can leave at home to help us get back to the routine. Promise that the mentioned products will soften this return to reality!



It's the one we drag everywhere! The little tube we thought about especially for the children who leave every morning for school, this paradise for the exchange of lice from one head to another. Lavender essential oil is a natural repellent and that's why it was put in a small practical container. It's actually a ball scent that can be rolled behind children's ears and on the back of the neck. To be repeated each morning to put the odds on our side!


The tea «Good Night»

His name was not chosen at random: the tea "Good night" is a must to bring sleep and make it recuperator. It also promotes digestion and can be good for small stomach complaints related to the stress of returning to work!


Linen Water

Laundry water is a favorite. It is used in many ways, but we love it on bedding before bedtime. Lavender is known for its calming power that promotes sleep.


Pure Lavander Shampoo

Not only does it repel lice with the essential oil it contains, it smells good and is perfect for washing the mane before bedtime. It enlightens the shower with a scent that brings relaxation and it's a great way to make the quick week shower a little more cozy and comforting.


Pure Lavander Velvet Lotion

After the shower, the cream that makes you dream. The velvet lotion of the Pure Lavender collection is a charm before going to sleep. It will also promote calm and eliminate any stress related to the return of the routine.


Massage oil

We love to include the massage oil in the sleep routine. It eliminates small tensions, releases the head with its sweet perfume essential oil and requires absolutely no rinsing. It moisturizes the skin, thanks to vitamins added in its formulation.


Antibacterial gel (practical size)

It is sure that this small practical format would be included in our essentials of the autumn; it is lugged everywhere. In the handbag, the car and the office, we do not care. Since lavender is a natural antibacterial, there is no need to brush with alcohol to keep germs away. And because we are fans of hydration, we add vitamins that nourish the skin for soft hands, regardless of the number of washings per day!


Pure Lavander Hand Cream

The complement that is good on the desk. It is applied during a small moment of stress or just to enjoy a "two-three seconds" of relaxation. Try it, you'll see!


Good comeback to you & the little ones. Everything will go perfectly!

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