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Written by Toute la famille Ferron-Joannette / Articles / June 7th, 2018

The best time to come and see the lavender fields in bloom!

What is the best time to come and see the lavender fields in bloom?

This is the question we get most often, even more when the spring sun is coming up. We often have the impression of repeating ourselves. And because flowering does not last indefinitely, people miss the show every year. Our dearest wish would be to no longer see sad faces when we announce that we have already harvested the flowers. That’s the reason of this blog post!

Although the time of flowering often occurs around the same dates, it is important to say that we are totally dependent on nature. People often want to know the best week of the year, but it's almost impossible to predict. Lavender and its flowering depend on too many factors to determine a specific moment. The seasons have a big impact on each of our plants. For a few years, during the winter, we cover our plants, thanks to winter blankets. This is a great decision we made (read here: big investment) to protect our plants and help our house men in their work. Winter protection also allows us to sleep better knowing that our plants are less subject to the vagaries of the weather. We want to offer you a beautiful site for the pleasure of your eyes & your nose. In the spring, the amount of rain received, sudden ground freezes, hours of sunshine, weeding, agricultural work and wind are all important factors that will affect flowering.

Fortunately, with the experience and expertise we develop, it is safe to say that:
The flowering of lavender in Saint-Eustache normally extends from the end of June to the beginning of August.

Celebrations around Quebec Day mark the start of flowering at La Maison. In fact, the first buds often appear during the month of June and begin to hatch around the national holiday. Since lavender likes the sun and summer temperatures, it is known that flowering will be at its peak in early July. In our experience, the first three weeks of July are often the most beautiful to gather in a purple ocean, 35 minutes from Montreal. The majority of our fields will have to be harvested towards the end of July, just before the flowers fade or turn brown. Fortunately, we have another variety that blooms from late July to early August. It allows us to stretch the bloom and enjoy a few more weeks.

From our side, the high season at Maison Lavande runs from June 16th to August 5th. It is during this period that we offer massage therapy in the trees, boho picnics rental, entertainment every day, a local menu at the bistro, yogurt and lemonade, music shows ( included in your entrance fees), sunset evenings and so many other activities (more details here)! It's great happiness for us! We work all year for this pleasure.

So this is an appointment this year & if you do not register on the calendar, do not worry: we will repeat!

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