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Written by Marjolaine Ferron / Articles / March 5th, 2018

Perfect recipe for a homemade spa party

With a few precise ingredients and good techniques, it's possible to get off the hook in the comfort of your own home. Here is my recipe for a perfect house spa party.


- A bath

- Milky powder (and diamonds of pink salts if desired)

- Masks for the face (minimum two)

- A good film

- A book or a magazine (light, preferably)

- Some candles

- Bath towel & pajamas (soft)

- Linen water

- A state of not guilty (more difficult to find, we took it in the bottom of our head next to "I deserve it amply")

- Time (that too is quite rare, easier to find by the end of the week, in the "grandma can keep the kids" section).


PREPARATION: 10 minutes

COOKING: 30 to 40 minutes

REST TIME: the whole evening

PORTION: One. You, Only you.


That's it! We can start the assembly.

Step one: First, run the medium-high water bath. Add the bath salts and stir. Add the milk powder until you have the desired texture.

Step two: Adopt the technique of "multimasking" and apply the illuminating mask of the House on the dry parts of the face. Add the anti-acne mask to the red and irritated areas of the face. Let rest.

Step Three: Light two or three candles. Lavender, preferably. Drop them close to you. In the meantime, put a bath towel and pajamas in the dryer.

Step Four: Take the book or magazine in your hands and soak your body in the mixture of water, powder and salt. Relax.

Step Five: Read and sleep 30 to 40 minutes easily, until the body is completely relaxed (or until the bath water becomes cold).

Step six: Remove the water from the bath. Take the items in the dryer and cover gently. Enjoy.

Step Seven: Using a wet washcloth, remove face masks until the skin is smooth and silky. If necessary, add a moisturizer.

Step eight: In another room, mix blankets and linen water.

Step nine: Start your movie. Fall asleep if necessary.

Step Ten: Take full advantage, think only of yourself, and promise never to wait so long before taking a moment for yourself.

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