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Written by Marjolaine Ferron / Articles / March 15th, 2018

Little tips to feel good everyday


It is known: we live in a world where everything goes fast and unfortunately often, we forget to take some time. Between the children, the job, the dinner and the washing, we tend to neglect our long bath or the book lying on the bedside table.

For all that, we have identified some tips that require only a few minutes of your time and that will certainly help you to be well and relaxed daily.

1. Start the day, more gently

It's crazy like 10 or 15 minutes can make a difference in our mornings. It's enough to stop snoozing for a more pleasant morning, which allows us to sip at least two or three sips of coffee in a less pressing environment.

2. Go out to dinner

The outside air can do good! It replaces the orderly ideas of the office, it's good for inspiration ... and motivation!

3. Drink a lot of water

We know, we know ... We make it so much repeated, but it's important for the well-being of our bodies and our heads!

4. Make lists

This point is not only for nerdy-organized, promised! One underestimates the power of emptying one's head at a time. It allows us to be organized and therefore, less stressed.

5. Light candles

This is probably our favorite point. We are convinced to say how much these little pots everywhere in the House can do good! It's amazing. Not only is the dance of the flame soothing, the scents that emanate from it do good too! Be it lavender, bergamot, lemon, rose, grapefruit, cedar ... Go with what you like! And when the candles are natural, it's even better!

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