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Written by Nancie Ferron / Articles / March 7th, 2018

3 women with whom Nancie would go to have a coffee

I am a woman in business & I am passionate about people. I admire those who, like me, are ambitious and are not afraid to say it. I would listen for hours of success stories (and challenges) of entrepreneurs here. On the occasion of International Women's Day of Tomorrow, here are 3 forces of nature with whom I would like to have a coffee tomorrow morning to listen to them and share.


I like the multi facets of this woman. Animator, creator, producer, actress, mother, spouse, she is sometimes a little all that, other times, all at the same time. She touches everything, TV, magazines, fashion, production and sometimes she drops everything to slip away as a family to the cottage. It looks a lot like me. Working has always been a pleasure, wearing several hats fills me, being super active is my engine until the day when everything has to stop, the time for a break. I like Vero's energy, versatility and how it ages in beauty.

Christiane Germain

She is an accomplished businesswoman. We do not have the same career or the same size of company but like me, she co-directs a family business. She works with her brother, nephew and daughter. I like his way of seeing family work, taking nothing for granted. She admits that one can not completely separate family life and professional life and then after? Christiane Germain also thinks after, will his daughter and nephew take over? How will the transition be? Her way of seeing the business world and running a family business is very inspiring.

Andréanne Marquis

I like the passion of his youth. My goodness, it's good to see beautiful young women getting into business. Andréanne started of a good idea, without money, just a lot of conviction, a good power of persuasion and clean energy in her mid-twenties. Today Womance is a blog, an Instagram account and a Facebook account followed by thousands of fans, a recognized online store and an innovative ephemeral shop. Andréanne Marquis has the wind in her sails and blows on the backs of other young entrepreneurs.

Not only are they accomplished business women, they represent the success of women in business in Quebec. And that makes me proud!

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